Fundraising for Freya’s New Legs

Darren and Freya Bailey. Photo Credit: Ellie Kemp

A father from Irlam is raising money to help give his daughter – who has cerebral palsy – the gift of new legs.

Due to a ‘difficult birth,’ seven-year-old Freya Bailey was born with cerebral palsy and two holes in her heart, meaning she had to stay in intensive care for six weeks. As a result, she’s had to use a wheelchair since being a few years old.

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How Animals Help Reduce Student Stress


Juggling last-minute deadline stress, late nights and living on the breadline – student life can be difficult for anyone, no matter which walk of life you’re from.

It’s inevitable that every student will experience stress at some point or another throughout their studies – however, there are many ways in which this can be combatted – which doesn’t necessarily involve binge-watching Netflix or hitting the booze.

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